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Performance of "Impression West Lake", a unique metropolitan out-door performance on natural stage setting in the world. Staged on the wavy, mellow and changing West Lake, the performance appears vivid and natural. Contented with the myths and legends of the West Lake, the show leads you to a sweet thousand-year dream. The special concealable auditorium provides a wide and bird’s-eye view.

Staged entirely upon the lake itself (a stage has been built 3 centimeters below the surface), Impression West Lake is a world class spectacle of light, music, dance and theatrics. Using the lake and its surroundings as props, lights and hundreds of actors create a sensational performance.


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Show Time (from 1 November 2011 onwards)
^First Show: 19:15-20:15(Daily)
^Second Show:20:45-21:45 (Saturday, depending on weather condition)

Winter Break
Guest who wants to book the show next year between January to February should enquire the show schedule through email in advance. Usually there will be a 2-month winter break for the Impression West Lake every year.

Ticket Costs (per person)

impression west lake seat

Normal seat: 260 yuan (42 USD)

First five rows of seats (A1, A2, A3): 280 yuan (46 USD)

Lakeside seats: 350 yuan (57 USD)

Ground floor of the big boat: 450 yuan (73 USD)

Upper floor of the big boat: 600 yuan (97 USD)

Hangzhou Private Tours Studio's Discounted Ticket Pricing


 Type of the Seats

 Published Price

 Our Discount Price

 Normal Seats First Show

 260yuan  (USD 45)

 220 yuan (USD 36)

 Normal Seats First five row of seats

 280yuan   (USD  47) 

 240 yuan (USD 40 )

 VIP Seats on the Water-platform

 350yuan (USD 57)

 300 yuan (USD 50)

 VIP Seats on Upper Floor of the Boat

 600 yuan ( USD 97)

 500 yuan(USD 85)

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How to book Impression West Lake Show tickets with the cheapest price Tips

After you select a ticket class in above table, later you shall select show date&time and submit your information, then make payment online by Paypal, then you will get a ticket confirmation voucher in 12 hours.
Ticket Confirmation Voucher: How to get show ticket(s)?
After make payment online to us, the Ticket confirmation voucher will be sent to you via email. You will get show ticket(s) by displaying your passport to the theatre staffs at the ticket office (on line booking window,number 3 window), and they will help you to find the seat.
If it is fully booked, what can we do? 100% Refund Guarrantee:
With a long-term contract with Impression West Lake operator, we can hold seats till 6:00 pm every show day. If it is already fully booked on the required day, we will inform you via email as soon as possible, ask if you need to change a show day, or need 100% refund. Thousands of our clients have paid through PayPal to book tickets in this way. In case when we find out the tickets have been sold out on the day you required, we guarantee to send 100% refund to your Paypal account immediately.
Quick Booking: How to go to the show avenue?
You can directly contact us by ,to tell us the date,number of people,ask for discounted ticket price,you will get quick reply in 1 hour!  or call+86-13567161784   (english speaking)to make a urgent booking. Please see the transportation guide below. Also the theatre address has been written in Chinese on the confirmation voucher/ ticket so that you can print it and display it to the taxi driver.or you can chose our transfer guide service,car rental with english speaking driver ,bring you to the show and after show bring you back to your hotel in hangzhou .round trip car service ,250 yuan ,per group(1 to 9pax)
Want to cancel the booking? Want to change the show date?
No cancellation fee if you change or cancel the booking 48 hours prior to the show day. We will send the refund to your paypal account minus the transaction fee.
If you cancel the booking in 48 hours, there is no refund to you, because the theatre will charge us 100% of the ticket cost.
Please inform us 48 hours prior to the show day, we will check the availability for seats and contact you as soon as possible. But if we can not change to another day you required, we will recommend another day, or send the refund to your paypal account as required.

Transportation Guide (urban city to the avenue)

1. From Hangzhou International Airport: Airport Bus to Aviation Ticking Office, then take a taxi to the show avenue (about 15RMB)
2. From Hangzhou Railway Station: Take K7 or K27 to Yue Fei Temple Stop
3. From East Railway Station: Take No.28 Bus to ZheDaFuZhong Stop, then take No.81 Bus to Yue Fei Temple Stop
4. From East Coach Station: Take No.28 Bus to ZheDaFuZhong Stop, then take No.81 Bus to Yue Fei Temple Stop

Do not have Paypal acount?  Second choise is:

Pay upon Delivery ,Free delivering for the ticket 
This show is so popular ,that is why you should book early, for those clients who do not have paypal acount,second option is we can send a person to bring you the show-ticket & collect the money when you arrive at Hangzhou. Please let us know the delivery place and time (9am- 5pm within Hangzhou downtown area). We can deliver show-ticket-voucher to you on the same day or one day before the show date.  Please pay cash to our delivery person when getting the show-ticket-voucher.  Please also let us know your mobile phone number which you will be using in China to facilitate the delivery process.
^Delivery Service Charge:  for free
^Delivery Date:  same day or one day before the performance date
^Delivery Place: any hotel lobby in downtown Hangzhou, delivery place is not necessarily the hotel you stay in Hangzhou, just choose a hotel lobby in downtown Hangzhou to meet our delivery staff.


Impression West Lake | Transfer Service

Calling a taxi during rush hour in Hangzhou is not we can also provide car rental for transfer service.we can send a driver who speaks English (or chinese ) with a car or a van(1to 9 pax)to bring you to the theater .Please let us know the pick up place .In this case ,car sevice charge is RMB 120 .For round trip service,bring you from hotel to the theater and after show bring you back to hotel, 250 yuan per group.

General introduction of Impression west lake show

Impression West Lake is one of Chinese top live-action performances strongly featured by the local culture and unique charm of Hangzhou West Lake. It is nationwide famous for its dreamlike show and fantastic elegance. Actually, the visitors in Hangzhou are unexceptionally eager to watch this life-size performance, because it is one mingled and charming show of Hangzhou culture and history. Impression West Lake is one of the representatives created by Zhang Yimou who is Chinese most famous movie director and the general director of the opening ceremony of Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, Wang Chaoge and Fan Yue. Impression West Lake is the third performance (the first and the second live-action performance made by them are Impression Liu Sanjie and Impression Lijiang River) shown initially in 2007.



The popular saying “Above is paradise, below is Hangzhou.” perfectly demonstrates the characteristics of the “heavenly city” — Hangzhou. Located in the subtropical zone with four distinct seasons, it’s endowed with a favorable climate, fertile land, rich resources, and outstanding talents. This beautiful, serene, and richly-endowed city boasts one of the world's famous scenic tourist resorts — West Lake which made it as a UNESCO World Heritage site.


The best way to appreciate this city’s culture and history thoroughly in a short time is to watch one of its best shows. Impression West Lake is one of China’s Top Seven Shows. It features the local culture of Hangzhou and unique charm of West Lake. It is world-famous for its dreamlike show and fantastic elegance. 


Impression West Lake is directed by Zhang Yimou (张艺谋), Wang Chaoge (王潮歌) and Fan Yue (樊跃). Zhang Yimou is one of the best movie directors in China and also the general director of the opening ceremony of Beijing 2008 Olympic Games. Impression West Lake is the third piece of the Impression series (the other two are Impression Liu Sanjie (印象 刘三姐) and Impression Lijiang River(印象 丽江)) directed by them. It was initially shown in 2007 and remains enduring in its charm.

The venue of Impression West Lake is Yue Lake Scenic Area (岳湖景区). It stretches south to Zhaogong Causeway (赵公堤), north to Yue Lake Tower (岳湖楼), west to Breeze-ruffled Lotus at Quyuan Garden (曲院风荷) and east to Su Causeway (苏堤).




Impression West Lake vividly presents the history and culture of West Lake by exploring the folklore and myths of Hangzhou and highlighting the best of them, such as the Legend of White Snake (白蛇传) and Butterfly lovers (梁山伯与祝英台).


Besides being a mingled and charming show of Hangzhou culture and history, Impression West Lake also highlights the beautiful landscape of West Lake. Using hills as stage background, the whole performance of Impression West Lake takes place on the real water. Even more amazing is “the Rain of West Lake” which was recreated using high technology and brings out the natural charm of West Lake in the rain.


Besides, Impression West Lake is also a feast of music. The aesthetic background music of the performance was created by Kitaro Matsuri, a world-class musician. And the theme song is performed by Zhang Liangyin (张靓颖), a popular Chinese singer with a heavenly voice. All these bring the audience into the dream like environment of romantic Hangzhou.


Impression West Lake

Name in Chinese: 印象西湖

Address: near Yuewang Monastery, No.29 Yanggong Causeway - 杨公堤29号(近岳王庙)

Tel: 86-571-85121120


Cancellation Policy

 Cancellation due to Bad Weather, Power Failure, Show Facility Breakdown, and Political Reasons
This show is performed in the open air and the entrance ticket will only be released after 6pm every day. The show may be cancelled in heavy rainy days or under severe weather conditions (eg typhoon, thunderstorm, flood, extreme cold temperature,etc). Power failure, major show facility breakdown, strikes, civial unrest, governmental urgent bookings may also result in cancellation, delay, or interruption of the show bookings or the show performance.  hangzhou private tour studio  cannot accept any liabilities caused by bad weather, power failure, show facility breakdown, or those political reasons.  You may either change the date of the show or get the refund from us.

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